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    Automatic Bollards


    The automatic retractable bollards system is the prime choice for blocking unauthorized vehicles from accessing restricted areas, especially such kind of areas of high vehicular access frequency. They can be activated automatically by authorized personnel using multiple control modes.

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    Semiautomatic Bollards


    The semiautomatic retractable bollard is a system developed for very occasional access. For this reason it is recommended for situations with low access opening frequency. It does not use electricity and electronic control systems thereby saving costs.

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    Removable Bollards


    The static bollards are used to route traffic through or to bar entry into a designated area, usually a pedestrian zone. They are economical deterrents, that can prevent unauthorized parking and restrict unauthorized vehicles, but always allow pedestrians to pass through freely.

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    Upark Bollards


    Upark, established in 1994, has been engaged in the road bollard industry for more than 20 years. Since inventing the first automatic retractable bollards, Upark has developed and installed numerous intelligent bollards and access control systems in the world. Upark bollards are ideal for areas where public perceptions and aesthetics are a consideration but a high level of security is also required. The newest generation of Upark automatic retractable bollards have been more intelligent, more efficient and more reliable.


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