Find security bollard agents and distributors worldwide
May 06 , 2021

Find security bollard agents and distributors worldwide


With the development of the economy and society, people are also paying more and more attention to perimeter security. In the early days, we generally use guardrails, fixed posts and other fixed bollards, with the maturity of technology, a variety of security equipment became popular.
Few people understand the bollards, in fact, there are many kinds of bollards: movable bollards, semi-automatic bollards, fixed bollards and the most technical automatic rising bollards.
UPARK company is a manufacturer specializing in the production of security rising bollards , as a research and development, production, sales and after-sales enterprise, we have strong technical strength and excellent service capabilities. In particular, our patented product: fully automatic/fully sealed security low-voltage bollards is a unique product in the whole market, this product is very adaptable and can meet the use of the widest area.
Our company has the ability to produce samples, and you can also entrust our company to design and produce, we will do our best to meet your needs.
There are many excellent bollard companies all over the world, and we, as one of them, have our unique advantages of products and capabilities, and now we are recruiting agents, distributors and construction teams all over the world. Join us and make your dream come true, expand your field and bring the best rising bollard products to your area. We provide OEM and ODM services for global users, truly serving global users.
As our agent, all you need to do is to develop the market and promote our products, we will maintain the closest communication with you and give you the strongest support to jointly develop a good global market and serve global customers.
1, the investment target: has a technical construction team, especially the CCTV, automatic doors, security monitoring equipment sales and installation experience is the best, or have strong market development capabilities, preferably ever rising bollard installation experience.
2, interest: because of the huge market potential of this product, there are few companies involved in this area, coupled with the use of different scenarios, the overall profit of the security rising bollard is still good.
3, risk assessment: as a security bollards industry, the current risk is relatively low, if we can work closely together, I believe we can develop and maintain a good local market, all the risks to a minimum.
4, join the way: If you are interested in marketing our products, you can directly contact our sale staffs, our official website has contact information.
5, Future vision: Our goal is to promote this product of automatic bollards to the whole world, to get the most customers' approval, and to protect the safety of global customers.
6, Service team: Our company has a large design and development as well as sales team, no matter experience, technology, advertising, promotion, etc., we can give you the greatest support.
7, Market share: Our fully sealed bollard products are unique, and there are no products with the same function in the same industry. That in the senior market, our market share is more than 50%, and, our scale is growing at a rate of more than 25% every year. At the same time, we actively develop related supporting products to expand the product line to meet more customer needs.
8、Conclusion: Good products need the joint development of excellent distributors agents, we are sincerely looking for excellent agents worldwide to join us and become a member of UPARK.

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.