UPARK-China Education Equipment Exhibition 2021
Apr 27 , 2021

China Education Equipment Exhibition is a national education equipment professional exhibition sponsored by the China Education Equipment Industry Association, to integrate marketing, regulation of supply and demand, technology promotion, focus on contact and trade, industry-academia-research combination and industry linkage as a function, has developed into China's and even the world's largest education equipment industry, the most extensive impact, the strongest professional brand exhibition.

This exhibition will last for 3 days, the use of online and offline integration of exhibition mode, all-round, multi-angle, three-dimensional presentation of education equipment industry booming good development trend, the scale and coverage of exhibitors, product service quality, participation, interactivity than the previous further enhance.

The exhibition has a total of more than 1,300 exhibitors, more than 20,000 display products, about 9,000 standard booths, nearly 170,000 square meters of display area ...... This exhibition will continue to comprehensively display educational equipment products and services required by all levels and types of schools, to provide exhibitors with the collection of information, negotiate trade, exchange Technology, market expansion and many other services.
UPARK as a professional security bollard R & D and production-oriented enterprises, we are actively involved in China's education, to provide the most reliable security for the campus.
School is a very important and special place, the cradle of a country to cultivate talents and the power source of future national development, protecting students is a very important thing.

With the continuous improvement of our technical ability, the overall manufacturing level of UPARK has also been developed rapidly. UPARK has now become the leading enterprise of fully sealed bollards in China and the largest and the only manufacturer of fully sealed low voltage security bollards in China.

Good products are always easily accepted by the majority of customers. UPARK has grown rapidly in China, developing hundreds of agent customers, and the size of the company has been expanding rapidly at a growth rate of 40% every year. Globally, our products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East and are well received by our customers. Many of these customers work with us directly after learning about our products, and some of them finally decide to choose our products after a lot of comparisons with other brands.

Among the various customers, campus building material contractors are one of the most important types, they focus on providing the most professional services and products for campus safety, they find the most suitable products worldwide to provide to local campus users, these equipment not only include security monitoring equipment, digital teaching equipment, and of course hard isolation equipment: such as bollards, fences, etc.

As a professional manufacturer of road stakes, we are looking for global agents to provide the highest quality security products to schools around the world, please call us for more information. We can provide OEM/ODM service, welcome dealers and agents who are interested in learning more about our products to visit our factory.

Professional security bollards/roadblocks/fences manufacturer Make our cities safer, and our travel better.

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.