Bollards are special security products, physical steel protective equipment-to protect pedestrians, commercial buildings, private areas, etc.

  • Automatic bollards


    Reinforced Automatic Stainless Steel Bollards Automatic Stainless Steel Bollard is one of our most popular bollards we produce. These bollards have been used in a wide range of projects from shopping centres and school campus to petrol stations and other high traffic areas. We are able to provide a wide range of options on all of our Autoamtic Stai1
  • Fixed Bollards


    Fixed bollards refer to bollards that are fixedly installed at a certain location and the bollards cannot be moved. Their main function is to protect buildings or pedestrians and play an isolation role. In some pedestrian streets, fixed bollards are usually used to isolate the sidewalk from the main road to protect pedestrians. We are able to provi1
  • Removable bollards


    The high-security movable road bollard is a very reliable product with first-class protection performance. Larger and thicker product features can better ensure the safety of pedestrians and buildings. When used with other types of security bollards, such as the use of fully automatic rising bollards, it will not affect the normal passage of vehicl1
  • Removable Bolalrds


    Upark movable safety bollard provides protection, its lightweight and compact design makes manual operation more convenient. Its movable design means that compared with other types of protective bollards, they do not require a lot of construction and deep foundations. This new type of removable bollard can be used in garages, entrances and exits, p1
  • Fixed bollard


    The UF11490003 stainless steel bollard can be embedded in concrete for fixed, secure installation. Alternative  mountings are also possible for retractable and removable styles. The simple, clean aesthetic suits a wide range of infrastructure, including modern architecture. Composed of  reliable 316 stainless steel to prevent  corros1

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