Perimeter Security Management in Autopilot Situations - Automatic Bollards
May 14 , 2021
A Tesla Inc. electric car that “no one” appeared to be driving crashed late Saturday in Texas, erupting into flames and killing the two passengers, according to local authorities.

Lars Moravy, Tesla's vice president of vehicle engineering, claimed during the company's latest investor relations call that the steering wheel of the car in this incident showed signs of deformity, indicating an individual was behind the driver's seat. 

A crash and subsequent vehicle fire in Texas over the weekend has made major headlines for the fact that the 2019 Tesla Model S crashed at high speed with, police say, the two occupants sitting in the front and rear passenger seats with nobody at the wheel.
A number of technology companies in collaboration with auto makers are at various stages of development and testing of self-driving cars. The idea is that since human error contributes to most vehicle accidents, self-driving vehicles could potentially save lives.

The desire to remove human error from the roadways is certainly understandable. But when self-driving cars are involved in accidents, the issue of legal responsibility for the crash remains to be determined.

Now self-driving technology is gradually starting to spread, however, the current technology is still not mature enough, resulting in accidents in and out of self-driving vehicles now.

Want to avoid such things happen is very difficult, the current technology still need to increase the development. At the same time, the public sector should also provide appropriate protection measures or policies to try to avoid accidents caused by abnormalities in autonomous driving and reduce the loss of property or casualties.

The installation of guardrails or bollards around roadsides or buildings can prevent vehicles from rushing out of control, but also play a role in the diversion of people and vehicles, and some guardrails and bollards can also play a decorative role because they are very beautiful.

In the need to allow specific vehicle access, you can install UPARK automatic bollards or semi-automatic or removable bollards, to achieve the control of vehicle access.
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