UPARK U2 electrical actuator for automatic rising bollards
May 19 , 2021
From hydraulic to electrical high security bollards- UPARK U2 electrical actuator for automatic rising bollards
As a company specializing in the development, production and sales of rising bollards as a whole, we keenly discovered the shortcomings of the traditional hydraulic automated bollard, invested a lot of human and material resources to develop a revolutionary electronic actuator to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional hydraulic security bollard, and became the earliest to develop electric actuator movement security rising bollard enterprises.

After several years of development, our technology has reached the leading level of the industry, the whole industry, we are not only in China, and even in the global market belong to the first echelon of manufacturers, we lead the global automatic bollards update, the security bollards industry to a new development track.
UPARK U2 series of electrical actuator has very obvious advantages, compared with the traditional hydraulic actuator, pure electric actuator can better meet the needs of users, but also is now the inevitable way out of industrial development.

U2 electrical actuator is environmentally friendly, as it is hydraulic oil-free, with a high-energy efficiency of 90%. It can be normally used even in extreme weather conditions – extreme temperatures(-40℃-70℃), sand, dust, rain, ice and flooding. U2 actuator is IP 68 certified, and can work while submerged under water normally.

U2 electrical actuator system features high performance – a 100% duty cycle of 6~10 operations per minute, rising / lowering / stop at any time, rising time 4 seconds and lowering time 3 seconds.

UPARK U2 electrical actuator allows precise control of acceleration and deceleration, enabling the bollards to move quietly and smoothly. With its simple design and lighter weight(~10 kg), the actuator offers maximum reliability and substantially less maintenance than hydraulic systems, substantially reducing costs as well.

Since it is purely electric, we need to consider whether the automatic bollard can work properly in case of sudden power failure. We are equipped with emergency backup power in each control cabinet. This emergency system can realize that the road post can still rising/lowering normally without external power supply.

About UPARK company

Upark Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd., is a leading developer and manufacturer of automatic retractable bollards with the Headquarter in Xiamen, China. With the goal of bringing quality and durable products on the market, Upark has been developing retractable bollards and access control system since 2004.

From the beginning, Upark Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd. has always been believing in and operating as the principle – Quality is always a priority. Technology is always the first. After nearly 20 years of practices, development and innovations, Upark has been specialized in developing and manufacturing intelligent automatic retractable bollards and systems and become famous in the field of its products.

Upark aims to provide high-quality performance products and best customer services. Every product must pass the quality control tests. We strive to build trust with our clients, and value word-of-mouth recommendations as the most important marketing strategy.

Our company’s bollards are installed in airports, army bases, garage, governmental offices, campus, hotels, banks, pedestrian areas etc.

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