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July 13 , 2020

Security bollards are both physical and visual barriers. They vary in shape, size and design. Stainless steel bollards and safety barriers protect lives and property by creating controlled traffic settings. Understanding the differences between bollard types will help you choose the best position for your site.

Shock protection is not the only factor to consider. Outside obstacles should avoid unnecessary clutter and avoid interruptions for tourists. Unlike other types of obstacles, such as fences or large concrete blocks, stainless steel safety bollards can restrict vehicle traffic while allowing people to flow smoothly and orderly.

Every building and property all has several common risk factors to consider. In addition to security, a thorough design strategy must review the aesthetics and access needs of the surroundings.

remote control rising bollards


Security bollards can cause physical and psychological deterrence to unauthorized entry. When planning effective building safety, it is important to assess the scope of risks and loopholes. In other words, it is important to know  what is being protected, what are the potential risks and threats, and which areas are the most vulnerable.

remote control rising bollards


The errant vehicle can cause immeasurable damage when it collides with a building, not to mention the danger to pedestrians and occupants. Therefore, we must consider the surrounding driving environment and then to understand the threats to the building and its occupants.

1.Convenient transportation. How close is the vehicle to a building or other sensitive area? Consider both public streets, on-site roads or parking lots.

 2.Traffic frequency. Is the site in a crowded area? Heavy vehicle activity may increase the likelihood of accidents.

3.Speed of nearby vehicles. Speed is an important factor to consider. Higher speeds reduce the driver's reaction time and increase the vehicle's momentum, which in turn increases potential damage.

4.Driver behavior. Are drivers usually anxious when approaching buildings? How is the surrounding environment?Will there be frequent traffic jams? Is it busy and distracting? Seasonality is also a factor here. In summer, there will be more traffic at the seaside restaurant, while in winter the road conditions are a danger, especially on hillsides.


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Vehicle crashes are also a safety concern for stores. During these intrusions, thieves crash vehicles directly into buildings to enter, threatening the safety of employees and customers. If a collision occurs while a building is occupied, the resulting debris and the vehicle itself can cause injury or death. The damage is usually severe and requires a lot of time and money to repair.

Certain areas of the site, such as large storefront windows and entrances, are key areas that need to be evaluated. If unprotected, they can be especially vulnerable to oncoming traffic. Corners of buildings and other external structures, such as utility boxes, hydrants and storage areas, are also often overlooked. Building Corners and other external structures of buildings are more vulnerable to impacts because their location makes them more likely to be exposed to the danger of heavy objects, vehicles, careless or malicious pedestrian collisions.Therefore, it is better to install safety stainless steel bollards in these places

Site security often revolves around the protection of the building itself. However, it is important not to ignore the people who occupy it. Building security measures are essential to ensure the safety of residents, visitors, employees and customers.

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