Demand for bollards in public places or private places.
Jul 29 , 2021

There are several factors over here that directly affect the demand for bollards in public places or private places.

First, with the development of social and economic development, people have more and more cars. The more car ownership, then there will be some uncontrollable situations, such as car theft (this video is the most real case of vehicle theft: ), vehicle loss of control, parking spaces are occupied, etc. Therefore, how to protect the safety of their own vehicles and private parking spaces become very important, that need to be in their parking spaces with the necessary equipment to prevent these situations from occurring.
Secondly, there is no stopping the situation of terrorism worldwide, car bombings, car attacks and other incidents occur from time to time, these terrorists in addition to impact on pedestrians, but also terrorist attacks on special places, especially sensitive areas such as embassies abroad, guard posts, government offices, etc., posing a great threat to the people and property in these areas, therefore, it is very important and necessary to install the necessary protective equipment.
Third, in some public places, the need to do on the flow of people and traffic to distinguish between different areas. For example, pedestrian streets are generally not allowed to enter the traffic, but in special circumstances or to allow the inside of the merchant's vehicle access, in some places where vehicles are prohibited, usually in front of the installation of powerful security equipment. In some prison systems, there is usually a high fence protection, the only entrance and exit at the gate, so it is very important to protect the entrance and exit, usually in these areas will be installed barricades to control the entry and exit of vehicles and prevent the entry and exit of external vehicles.
Fourth, the bollards nowadays are usually very intelligent and beautiful, playing a role in protecting pedestrians and property at the same time, but also playing a good role in beautification, as a complement to the building.
Combining some of the above factors, take action, now is the most suitable time to install bollards.
Of course, when choosing bollards to fully consider their needs, but also to consider their budget to choose, with different types of bollards, after all, there are very many types of bollards, there are: automatic bollards, semi-automatic bollards, movable bollards, fixed bollards, etc. The price and function of these bollards are different, the difficulty of construction is also different, therefore, need to consider their needs and budget well.
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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.