How to choose a security bollard that meets the requirements
Oct 12 , 2020

In real life, many scenes require the use of security rising bollard, but the current products are mainly installed in some public places, such as pedestrian streets/squares/crosswalks/doors of public buildings. In fact, apart from being suitable for public areas, security retractable bollards are also very suitable for private spaces, such as your own garage/factory entrance/parking space/in front of glass buildings, etc. The installation of security bollards in these places can well protect your private property.

At present, the main installed products on the market are fixed or manually operated(removable bollard), and rarely fully automatic. The main reason is that the technology is immature and the cost is too high. In addition to the product cost, this cost also has the construction cost.

When you are choosing a security anti-collision bollard, the most important thing is to choose good quality. Quality is the soul of all products. The size of the anti-collision bollard is generally better if the size is larger, and the level of anti-ram will be higher. Currently, bollards with a diameter of 180 mm and 220 mm are generally selected.

Different climates will also affect the performance of the bollards, such as areas with a lot of rain all year round, areas with a lot of wind and sand, high-temperature areas, high-cold areas, etc. Each area has its own climate characteristics, which will affect the performance of the crash bollards. Therefore, it is very important to choose products that can run stably under various climatic conditions.

The security anti-collision bollards are special product, which require construction. The difficulty and cost of construction will directly affect the desire to buy. At present, due to technical limitations, few manufacturers can achieve non-drainage, so most of the installation and construction are very cumbersome, and require a lot of manpower, material resources and funds, which is very big obstacles for many buyers who want to buy.

As a manufacturing company integrating R&D, production and sales, Upark has given full play to its own advantages and invested a lot of research and development to finally develop a security anti-collision bollards that can operate stably under various climatic conditions, and, Due to the special design, the installation of this product becomes simpler, the construction is easier, and the construction cost is reduced by two-thirds compared with other brands of anti-collision bollards.

The fully automatic series of Upark security anti-collision bollard can not only meet your protection requirements, but its characteristics are also very obvious: the entire anti-collision bollard is dust-proof and waterproof, the internal waterproof level reaches IP68, and the external waterproof and dustproof level Reach IP67 level; the whole machine adopts mechanical pure electric drive. Compared with traditional hydraulic or pneumatic anti-collision bollards, it is not only easier to operate, but also simpler to install and maintain; use the remote control to control the rising and falling of the bollard, and get rid of the The mobile road pile is inconvenient every time it is used, and it is smarter and more in line with the needs of people today. The characteristics of Upark are much more than these. When you understand the characteristics of the product, a new door will open.

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