Importance of automatic rising bollards for providing pedestrians safety
Apr 16 , 2021
Importance of automatic rising bollards for providing pedestrians safety
The importance of automatic bollards to ensure pedestrian safety

Due to automated bollards' significant advantages, more and more owners choose to install automatic bollards.
As an attractive alternative to doors, customers usually install automatic bollards if they need to improve safety and the door is structurally unfeasible or unsightly.

There are other important benefits of using automatic bollards on properties. 

More convenient of automatic bollards
For different kinds of bollards, automatic bollards are the most convenient option. Automatic bollards are retractable, which means you can use the controller to control those bollards' state: rising or lowering, when you need a bollard for safety protection, you can rising it in just about 3 or 4 seconds.

Install automatic bollards in your driveway is a great option.  For example, when gates are not needed, bollards are very useful for access control. The automatic bollard is smaller than the gate, but still provides the same high level of safety protection to prevent vehicles from stopping in your driveway.

It is also more convenient than the gate because you don't have to get off the car, just use the remote controller to retract the bollard. After parking the car, the automatic bollard can be raised again by remote.

Usually, some areas around the building must be prohibited from road traffic, but still need to be open to pedestrians. The automatic bollard provides a convenient, low-maintenance solution, you can control the bollards when you need them to be lowered.

Automatic bollards are also beautiful
Aesthetics are important to many property owners. Having retractable, led lights, the modern-looking automatic bollards can (literally) increase the value of the property. In addition, in some private places, you may do not want other people's cars parked here or those cars will occupy the parking lot which you own. Or maybe they will park their cars on the lawn or garden. This not only looks bad but also frustrating. 

Automatic bollards own security functions
Most security bollards made of steel, they are strong and hard enough, they can offer high-level protection. The safety bollards can prevent accidents and anti-ram, protecting the pedestrians or buildings. Security bollards are often used to prevent access to a special area. Automatic security bollards can play a role in anti-terror. The automatic bollards will resist attempts to cross the border of the car and enter the special place.

Traffic bollards are used in areas where there are significant pedestrian and car traffic. It is important to protect pedestrians from being injured by vehicles or accidents. If cars trying to enter or exit a narrow parking lot may end up with curbs and accidentally cause property damage. Stainless steel automatic bollards can effectively prevent vehicles from installing curbs or sidewalks.

Automatic bollards own price advantages

Automatic bollards prevent potential damage to your property and all of its infrastructure. Preventing property damage can also save your time, money, and labor. 

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