What is the function of the bollard
Apr 03 , 2021

What is the function of the bollard?

Are bollards effective?

Do bollards stop cars?

Where are bollards required?

Many people are curious about why all kinds of road piles are installed in front of buildings in many streets, private garages, private houses, sidewalks, various entrances and exits. In fact, these road piles can play a lot of roles.

First, many road bollards are designed very beautifully. Therefore, these road bollards naturally have a decorative effect. Some bollard are installed in the park, and some are installed on the side of the road to integrate with the surrounding environment and are very beautiful.
Second, what is the most important function of the bollard? Why install bollards? Do bollard have to be installed? Many problems bother us. The most important function of bollard is to provide protection. Most of the road piles are made of stainless steel or iron. Their anti-collision performance is very good. They can play a good role in anti-terrorism and anti-riot, reducing the risk of vehicles deliberately impacting or out of control hitting people.
In addition, many private garages will install bollards, which can effectively prevent cars from being stolen. Installing in front of some buildings can also prevent emergencies. For example, there have been incidents where vehicles impacted embassies of various countries or the conference center, or even vehicle checkpoints and ATM machines on the roadside.
Third, what is the best bollard now? The answer is the only one, that is, fully automatic security bollards. Such road piles can not only play a protective effect, but also play a role of vehicle diversion and isolation. UPARK fully automatic security bollards can realize remote control. Such remote control bollards are more convenient and smarter to use, so some people call it UPARK intelligent bollards. When you need to drive in and out of a certain area, you can lower the automatic bollards and wait for the vehicles to pass before raising them. Is it very convenient and smart? If you install such bollard in front of your garage door, Is this kind of garage security bollard a great choice?

Now many people are hesitating how to choose a safety bollard. My suggestion to you is: UPARK bollard, a high-tech enterprise from China, independently develops and sells such automatic bollards, and sells them to all regions of the world.

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