Automatic Electromechanical Bollards vs Automatic Hydraulic Bollards
Apr 07 , 2024
Automatic Electromechanical Bollards vs Automatic Hydraulic Bollards
As vehicle ownership increases and more vehicles are on the road, traffic safety becomes a growing concern. Aggressive driving poses a safety risk to pedestrians in the vicinity of playgrounds and schools, car parks and multi-use areas. Reducing speeds or bringing vehicles to a temporary stop in specific areas is an effective way to protect people in these places. Safety bollards reduce both the likelihood of accidents and the chance of fatalities in the event of an accident, and are more effective in preventing vehicles from losing control of their vehicles and protecting pedestrians around them in specific areas.

Speed limit zones are usually set up for safe driving, but posted speed limit signs or no-traffic signs may be missed or ignored, so traffic control in these zones is often combined with physical barriers to the road or environment.
Automatic bollards are vertical barriers used in traffic management, which are solid projections on the road surface that can forcefully confine vehicles to an area or junction so that they cannot be forced to drive into or out of the area in question. They are the most commonly used traffic enforced stopping devices. They are usually made of stainless steel or other metals and are highly resistant to impact.
Automatic Bollards are a more positive form of traffic control and as such are very useful where pedestrians and cars share space (e.g. car parks and driveways, private parking spaces, etc.) Safety bollards are able to force vehicles to stop or restrict them to a certain area. Especially nowadays, when in some areas vehicles are often stolen by unscrupulous people in front of their private car parks or homes, automatic bollards should be the most reliable and effective device of all road barriers.
Automatic bollards are usually 600mm high, which is the height above ground level at which the bollard can be raised. Installation of bollards, usually spaced between 0.8 meters to 1.2 meters, this distance is able to block all small vehicles, without affecting the normal access of pedestrians, of course, the final width is still based on the actual situation on the site to determine.
The application of automatic bollards is very wide, they have many different names, such as automatic bollards, automatic riot columns, security bollards, security columns, etc., and according to these bollards are driven by different ways, divided into electromechanical bollards, hydraulic bollards and pneumatic bollards. At present, electromechanical bollards are being accepted by more and more users due to its better performance and lower requirement for ambient temperature.

Automatic Retractable Bollards are a more aggressive choice of traffic control way than speed bumps,making them useful when blocking vehicles such as parking lots and driveways.The presence of automatic bollards forces vehicles to stop,giving surrounding pedestrians and vehicles more reaction time to deal with emergency situations.
Automatic Bollards,like their siblings,only need to be spaced to provide protection.Due to the automatic bollard's performance of forcing vehicles to stop,coupled with the fact of that the width of the average vehicle is greater than 1 meter,it is only necessary to install the bollard at a spacing of 0.8 to 1.2 meters,which will provide an effective deterrent function.

One of the great advantages of the Automatic Bollard is that the telescoping bollard shafts are made of 304 stainless steel, which is so impact resistant that the appearance alone can deter drivers,whether they have seen a safety bollard before or not.When an unfamiliar vehicle wants to enter a limited area,the raised bollards,force the vehicle to restrict itself to specific areas and intersections.Bollards on the road are a more than perfect solution for traffic stopping.Bollards provide optimal deterrence and safety because vehicles know there is a bollard ahead and will begin to slow down as soon as they see it.
Automatic Bollards are often fitted with high intensity LED strips that provide good visibility even at night, ensuring that customers can see them, making them a great warning device. In addition, some bollards are fitted with reflective tape, which also provides good protection and warning at night.
In terms of materials, automatic bollards are usually made of metal materials such as 304 stainless steel with good impact resistance, which is the most basic performance requirement for bollards.

UPARK Automatic Bollards are purely electro-mechanical, rather than traditional hydraulic bollards. Compared to hydraulic bollards, no additional heating is required at low temperatures, even at -40 degrees Celsius, a feature of electro-mechanical bollards that allows them to be used in areas with even harsher winters.

Rising Bollards are a flexible traffic management way that controls vehicle access and ensures safe passage through pedestrianized areas. Lifting bollards are suitable for use where precise control of traffic flow is required, such as parking lots, commercial areas or schools. It is a more effective method of access control than other physical traffic control methods, such as manual or fixed bollards, and also reduces the use of labor.
Rising bollards can be raised and lowered as needed for precise vehicle control. When it is necessary to restrict vehicle traffic, the bollard can be raised to form a barrier to prevent vehicle traffic. When it is necessary to allow vehicle traffic, the bollard can be lowered so that it is flush with the ground and does not block vehicle traffic. This flexibility makes the Lifting Bollard the best choice for traffic safety.

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