Should you choose electromechanical or hydraulic bollards?
Apr 18 , 2024
Should you choose electromechanical or hydraulic bollards?
Hydraulic automatic bollards are often used in the field of collision blocking, but UPARK does not offer automatic hydraulic bollards, we specialise in the development and manufacture of automatic electromechanical bollards. We have been specialising in electromechanical bollards for many years and electromechanical bollards are the next generation of automatic bollards, we chose electromechanical bollards because they have more advantages over hydraulic bollards. After many years of development and use, the maturity of electromechanical bollards has reached a very desirable height, coupled with the special product design concepts and patented structures that UPARK possesses, UPARK brand electromechanical bollards have gradually gained a leading position in the market for electromechanical bollards.

Safe voltage

As we all know, automatic bollards require the use of electricity to drive the bollards up and down, and of course, most of the bollards have LED warning strips. Having electricity means that you need to take care of electrical safety. Traditional hydraulic bollards, is directly into the mains power control cabinet, and then directly drive the work of the bollard, bollard output and input voltage is relatively high, different countries and regions of the voltage is different, but, at present, the lowest voltage should be 110V, such voltage is also very dangerous for human beings.
UPARK adopts 36V working voltage, which is relatively safe for human body, plus we have done waterproof treatment for important electrical components, which greatly reduces the hidden danger of electricity in the use of automatic bollards, and improves the service life of automatic bollards.

Unique waterproof sealing design

Our automatic bollards are not only driven by Anqun voltage, we also use a unique sealing structure design. UPARK automatic bollards, using multiple seals and unique pressure release structure, so that the whole bollard has a very good waterproof performance. The whole bollard using sealed waterproof design has many benefits, for example, when we install the bollard, do not need to do the drainage system, there is no drainage system naturally there is no drainage pump, greatly reducing the difficulty of construction and construction and installation costs. The special sealing structure requires that we need to check the equipment regularly to ensure that the sealing performance is intact.

Simple after-sales

UPARK automatic bollard has a simple structure with modular design, each part can be disassembled and assembled independently, which is very convenient. At the same time, compared with the hydraulic bollard drive unit hydraulic pump, it is lighter in weight, a single person can operate the repair and maintenance. UPARK automatic bollard maintenance does not require professional equipment maintenance personnel, under normal circumstances, just to the after-sales maintenance instructions can solve the problem, very suitable for individual household use.

Environmentally friendly

We all know that the hydraulic bollards use hydraulic pumps to drive the bollard up and down, hydraulic automatic bollards in the summer, because of high temperature reasons, resulting in a certain amount of hydraulic oil leakage, of course, when the bollard is hit by an external force, it will also result in the spillage of hydraulic oil, which has a relatively large impact on the environment. The electromechanical actuators developed and produced by UPARK do not use hydraulic oil, and will not be affected by temperature, nor cause unnecessary pollution due to damage, which is more friendly to the environment.

When and where to use automatic bollards

There are many scenarios where automatic bollards can be used, all kinds of entrances and exits can be installed with automatic bollards, such as entrances and exits of parks, entrances and exits of private houses, entrances and exits of office buildings, entrances and exits of car parks and so on, at the same time, automatic bollards can be installed on car parking spaces, which not only prevents the parking spaces from being taken up, but also plays a very good role in preventing the theft of automobiles. When the vehicle needs to enter or exit, we can control the bollard to be lowered by remote control, and the bollard can be raised when the vehicle enters or drives out completely.

Automatic bollards exposed to the ground that the collision part of the material is usually used 304 stainless steel, not only has good corrosion resistance, more importantly, the metal material of the impact resistance is good, can play a very good anti-collision blocking effect. If you pay much attention to the safety of the entrance and exit or have higher requirements for vehicle theft prevention, you can install automatic bollards. If you want to choose a bollard that suits you better, we recommend the UPARK automatic bollard.

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