Where to install automatic bollards?
Feb 19 , 2021
Upark automatic security rising bollards provide the safest guarantee and control of vehicle personnel entry and exit, while also beautifying the installation site, professional and beautiful.
The UPARK security rising bollards is very suitable for places and entrances that need to control the entry and exit of vehicles, and need a certain ability to prevent vehicle intrusion.
During the rising/lowering process of the rising bollards, they are necessary to keep stable, the response time should be short, and the whole process should be kept relatively quiet, there will be no big noises and inconsistencies in the rising/lowering speed.

High security
Upark automatic security bollards are incredibly unobtrusive when in the retracted position. Automated bollards can be installed on a vast range of premises with minimal impact on day-to-day access for customers or third parties that will be passing in and out of the entrance way.
There are many installation and use scenarios for automatic rising bollards, which can play a corresponding role in different areas. These different installation places have relatively large regulations on the frequency of vehicle in and out and the type of vehicle, which is very suitable for the corresponding The entrance and exit are equipped with automatic rising bollards that can be remotely controlled, such as:
Private villa
Hospital entrance
Industrial park entrance
Private garage or public garage
Various types of docks
Commercial pedestrian street
In front of government units, prisons, embassies
Security checkpoint
Highway checkpoint
While using fully automatic bollards, you can choose other types of bollards for collocation, such as semi-automatic bollards, movable bollards, and fixed bollards. The collocation can reduce costs and be more efficient.
High reliability
The reliability of Upark automatic bollards is mainly reflected in several aspects:
Exquisite workmanship prevents noisy sounds and obvious shaking of our bollards when they are rising and lowering.
UPARK bollards run stably. Under normal circumstances, it runs tens of thousands of times without any problems.
Choose high-quality materials, more robust and excellent anti-corrosion performance.
High waterproof and dustproof, the overall IP 67 protection level, the internal power unit IP 68 level, can adapt to different environments.
The high-brightness LED light strip will flicker regularly when rising and lowering, which is more eye-catching and safer.

Easy to install, saving time and labor
The fully enclosed special design does not require a drainage system, so the construction is simpler and can be carried out without professional installation and construction personnel.
We have a professional construction team that can provide professional construction guidance materials: construction videos, manuals, video guidance construction and other after-sales work.
The construction cost of UPARK columns is one-third of the general other types of products, which is more advantageous for places where labor costs are relatively high.
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