Why people do not choose automatic rising bollards-7 reasons
Feb 04 , 2021
Why people does not choose automatic rising bollards-7 reasons

With the improvement of everyone's security awareness, coupled with the publicity of the government and other institutions, security bollards and rising fences have been adopted in more and more places.
Some people install bollards in their garages to prevent vehicles from being stolen; some glass buildings have fences to prevent vehicles from damaging the glass, and they also install bollards around them; at the entrances and exits of some pedestrian streets, they install automatic security bollards in order to control the entry and exit of vehicles. Bollards that can be raised and lowered automatically; in places with high security requirements, such as schools, governments, embassies abroad, etc., bollards to prevent vehicle collisions will be installed.

In recent years, there have been many cases of vehicles crashing into pedestrians or government agencies in the world. For example, a car in Argentina crashed into an embassy, a car crashed into a government office in the UK, etc. These are reminding us that the security guard importance.

However, at present, most of them still choose fixed or removable bollards. What are the reasons?
1, According to the past view, the price of fully automatic bollards will be higher than that of fixed or movable bollards.
2, If the automatic road stakes are connected to the power supply, it is not very convenient to get electricity in many areas.
3, The construction of fully automatic bollards will be relatively complicated, with a relatively large amount of work and high labor costs.
4, There are not many manufacturers that produce fully automatic security bollards, and there are relatively few choices.
5, The concept of fully automatic bollard is relatively new, and many people have no idea about this product.
6, The traditional hydraulic automatic rising bollard has many shortcomings, and many people lose confidence in this product.

7, After-sales work is required for fully automatic bollards, which is relatively complicated.

In response to everyone's understanding of automatic bollards, UPARK has developed and produced a new type of product, which has solved the above problems well.

We take advantage of the cost advantages made in China to make the price of fully automatic rising bollards the most advantageous price in the industry. Compared with the prices of original established manufacturers in Europe and the United States, the price of our fully automatic products is even lower than that of portable ones;
Electricity is convenient, we use 36 V low-voltage electricity, and the control cabinet wiring is simple, and can be directly operated according to the manual;
The fully enclosed design can greatly reduce the construction, and the labor cost is reduced by more than half compared with the traditional construction method;
The fully electric mechanical drive, get rid of the shortcomings of traditional hydraulic lifting columns, there is no need to change the hydraulic oil, and our movement is lighter and can be operated by one person;
The after-sales team has rich experience and can provide guidance throughout the entire process, including installation, construction and maintenance.
Professional security bollards/roadblocks/fences manufacturer Make our cities safer, and our travel better.

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